Event Planning – LANCON-DE-PROVENCE (13)

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you in our magnificent home, the Château la Beaumetane, surrounded by vineyards.

Nathalie had known this charming setting since her childhood and we have no doubt that it will seduce you just as much.

Our goal is the success of your event… Whether it is a productive seminar, your dream wedding or any other event, we strive to transform your objectives into success.

Feel free to contact us to discuss about your projects, we’ll assist you in achieving them!

Nathalie & Mike


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Edmond Théry, a man with multiple talents and renowned economist, had really like a Sologne castle and had built a replica on the Beaumetane. A beautiful square architecture, red bricks, the Castle is noticeable from far and remains fascinating when looks approach.

Just as during the last centuries, the old account book attest that the Beaumetane domain is linked for 40 years to winegrowers of Bouches-du-Rhône, the Ambrosio family. Committed to maintaining the beauty of this unique place, the family decides to revive it in 2013, to live there and to open the doors of the abode as it deserves. Nathalie and Mike will be happy to make you experience the castle life.

Presentation of the Castle

The large openings allow communication and easy passages from one living-room to another. Even the exteriors are exceptional with a big park, fully closed. The shade of the 29 centenary plane trees bring a pleasant freshness during the warm days of the summers of Provence.

Once the big gate of this property which is fully partitioned by ancient walls and wrought iron, immediately its luxurious colored window where it feels so good to relax is striking, and the charm settles in. All around the big park, the green view brings a luxurious touch to the Provencal landscape with its vineyards, hills and pines. The steps and terraces on each wing of the Castle add to the welcoming and delicate aspect of the castle. The interiors overlooking a shady park with majestic plane trees perpetuate the magic and the dream sparked by the exteriors.

The high ceilings, chandeliers, fireplaces, moldings and woodwork, parquetry flooring and tiles, its magnificent staircases, all the exquisite small details make the Château la Beaumetane a place that makes you dream and where it feels good to live.

For all your receptions, you’ll benefit from a neat interior space with superb woodwork that can accommodate between 2 to 120 people seated in a warm, comfortable and cozy atmosphere.

A superb canopy is at your disposal to relax. A dancing space is also suitable for acoustic comfort for all your guests.

Realize your dreams and objectives – our success

If you are organizing a seminar, it means that you want to develop the performance of your company. For any corporate event, the venue and the planning of the event are the keys to its success. We are here to help develop your project and we’ll offer the best services to meet your needs.

To organize a unique event to celebrate a unique moment such as a wedding, a family celebration, the Beaumetane offers an exceptional setting and we’ll assist you in creating an unforgettable event, which will be part of your history and the history of your relatives and friends. We are here to fulfill your dreams…

Share your dreams with us and we’ll help you realize them.