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A unique location

An enchanting setting that combines the rural charm and beauty of the Provençal landscape with the elegance and refinement of a château, and an architectural style that is unique in Provence. The Château la Beaumetane is much more than just a reception venue. It is a beautiful setting, chic, and yet with a warm and intimate atmospher and the owners are there to support you throughout their preparations.

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A setting in leafy grounds surrounded by vineyards

Looking for an exceptional wedding for your wedding in Provence? The first thing to say is that Château la Beaumetane is set in a green oasis. In fact, surrounded by vineyards and olive trees, the Château is located in the heart of the Provence countryside. Therefore, the rural setting provides a pastoral calm, with the view from the grounds being one of vineyards, fields and hills. In addition, the grounds are shaded by our superb plane trees, as tall as the Château itself. And thanks to the shade of those trees, and the ideal size of the well-kept park, it is a wonderful, relaxing place to be, especially during the hot days of the Provençal summer.

An exceptional place for an unforgettable day

And then, there is the château, this elegant building with its unique charm and architecture. Its beautiful conservatory whisks you back in time when you first see it from the outside. However, once you step inside, it is immediately apparent that it is a place full of character. And so the magic begins. The refinement and simple elegance of the place combine to form an exceptional setting for the perfect day, for your wedding in Provence. Furthermore, you can feel the true soul of the place with its chic, yet intimate atmosphere. A magical place to spend the most special day of your life. Therefore, to get married at Château la Beaumetane is to spend your wedding day in a cocoon, as if in a dream, a timeless moment engraved forever in your memory and on your heart.

Your very own cocoon of natural refinement

Finally, our beautiful home is full of character and we will be with you every step of the way to ensure you benefit from all it has to offer, and that your wedding is unique to you. In addition, we live at the Château, and so we are lucky enough to call this wonderful place our home. Therefore, with our warm welcome, our support, our experience and our hospitality, we will do everything we can to ensure that throughout your wedding, you also see Château la Beaumetane as your home for this unforgettable day.

Enfin, vous pourrez prolonger cette journée magique de votre mariage au château dans notre somptueuse chambre nuptiale, idéale aussi pour des photos de préparation des mariés et de couple.


Mariage en Provence…. “Merci à nos adorables et beaux mariés (et leurs photographes !) qui nous ont autorisés à utiliser des photos de leur plus beau jour… Nous vous en sommes tellement reconnaissants !”

Hot news!!!!

We are so pleased to be able to let you know at last that our new project has eventually started! From July 2023, we’ll be able to propose 43 sleeps on top on the reception area and the bridal room. These will be in divided in 20 4* rooms in the former stables we are renovating, just steps (maybe at the most 20!) from the château.

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Discover our private accommodation for your event

Bedrooms renovated with style and charm

To complete your stay at Château la Beaumetane, we have just renovated the old stables. We are therefore delighted to be able to offer accommodation for up to 45 PEOPLE!