Should you have your wedding dinner outdoors or indoors in Provence? This is another of the big questions that brides and grooms regularly ask themselves. However, it’s true that for our destination weddings, for our overseas brides and grooms who come to Provence to get married, it’s usually because they want to dine outdoors. So, in this article, I’ll explain why it’s important to ask yourself this question, even for a destination wedding in Provence.




Wedding dinner outdoors in Provence




It’s true, however, that future brides and grooms often visit the château with a view to dining outdoors for their wedding dinner. This is certainly even truer for our brides and grooms who come from abroad to get married in Provence. The setting of the château lends itself well to this, with its park just in front of our beautiful building, shaded by its plane trees. Cocktails are usually served on the lawn, on the side where you can enjoy the sunset over the vines.


Of course, this option is only feasible when the weather is fine and the temperature allows it. Also, without wishing to shatter the dreams of future brides and grooms, we would like to make it clear to them that according to our experience of ten years of weddings in Provence, this is possible with us. Taking all the different parameters into account, we realise that the time frame for doing so is not that great. We generally manage to offer this option to all our brides and grooms who decide to do so.


It’s true that dining outdoors for your wedding can be a very pleasant experience in summer. Under the guinguette lights, you can enjoy the drop in temperature and the last songs of the cicadas. What’s more, the aesthetic setting can suit a variety of themes, especially the more country-style weddings.

The indoors option


So we get a lot of couples visiting at first who want to dine outdoors for their wedding. It’s true that they’ve seen the beautiful photos of the outdoor wedding tables and it’s a real eye-catcher. This is all the more true for our future brides and grooms who live in colder regions or countries, and who can therefore enjoy the gentle Provençal lifestyle for themselves and their guests.


However, once they’ve seen the château’s reception area, brides and grooms often change their minds and decide to dine indoors. It’s true that this allows you to make the most of the exclusive setting you are hiring for your wedding. The setting is elegant and warm, and the temperature is controlled by air conditioning. So indoor dining can offer many advantages in addition to an elegant setting for your wedding meal.

For a destination wedding, especially for our brides and grooms who come from countries where temperatures are much lower than here, it can also be very comforting to know that the entire reception area inside the chateau is air-conditioned. Especially during the heatwave!



A question of choice – Should you have your wedding dinner outdoors or indoors in Provence?


It’s very important to decide whether to have your wedding outdoors or indoors, depending on what you envision for this special day in your life and what you want to do. We can help you weigh up the pros and cons, but the ultimate decision remains yours….


Except that Mother Nature can have the last word. So our advice is that even if you initially decide to have an outdoor dinner for your wedding, it’s very important to think about Plan B.