What’s the best month to get married in Provence? Have you asked yourself this question?  We tell you what we think in our article



When to have a destination wedding in Provence


Generally, when we decide to have a destination wedding in Provence, it’s because we want to take advantage of the beautiful sunshine and wonderful weather we can have in Provence. So I’m going to talk mainly about the high season for weddings in Provence – from April to October. But I’ll also tell you about the other months of the year at the end of this article.

Overall, the wedding season in Provence can be divided into 4 periods.


The first is April and May. The advantages of these months are considerable. First of all, if you love Spring, you’re in for a treat! Nature is splendid at this time of year in Provence. Indeed, nature is awakening, the green of the leaves is fresh and light. And the flowers are coming out. Our white roses, for example, are in bloom. It’s a great time to be alive and enjoying the first warmth.


Summer months to get married in Provence


June is generally the French people’s favorite time to get married. I’ll mention some of the reasons why in this article if you’re interested. Also, if you want to enjoy the same advantages as the French, I’d advise you either to get a date early and/or to get married during the week. The French tend to get married on weekends. For your destination wedding, your guests may have days to spare, so this may be an option for you.

The months of July and August are perfect if you decide to spend part of your vacation here too. The water is warm, so you can swim in the Mediterranean without worry, and also in the pond, which is just a 5-minute drive from the château. You’re practically guaranteed perfect weather, with plenty of sunshine! On the other hand, it can get hot! We can help you manage all this. We’re used to it. What’s more, the fact that our interiors are air-conditioned is a real plus for people coming from colder climates.

September and October – the best months to get married in Provence?


Personally, I think September is potentially the best month for a destination wedding in Provence.

Why do I say this? The temperatures are still very pleasant. You can do everything outdoors. However, temperatures aren’t as high as in July and August either. So your guests, who aren’t used to high temperatures, will experience the wedding more pleasantly.


You’ll also enjoy extraordinary light. And last but not least, the colors of nature are splendid! As autumn approaches, the leaves of the plane trees and vines surrounding the château are green, but also turn yellow and brown. It’s just sublime! The days are also still relatively long.


October enjoys all these advantages. However, outdoor dining is rarely possible at this time of year. If you’d like to enjoy the château’s beautiful interiors anyway, this could be a great opportunity!

I’ll finish with winter… we have winter weddings too. To be honest, we don’t take many. In fact, the season is relatively long for us. As it’s just Mike and I at the château, a quieter period is much appreciated! So, personally, we don’t do many weddings in winter. We select them with even more care than those in fine weather. However, a smaller wedding in Provence can be magnificent. Sometimes we can do the cocktail outside. Sometimes we can’t. There’s something magical about the Christmas spirit or warmth of a winter wedding. Especially when you know all our Christmas traditions in Provence!


So what’s the best month to get married in Provence? It all depends on what’s most important to you…..