Looking for a venue for a chic wedding in Provence? Have you considered Château la Beaumetane?

Elements of a chic wedding in Provence

What makes a chic wedding in Provence? I suppose we all have our own definition. So let’s take a closer look….

According to the Larousse dictionary, a chic wedding is an elegant wedding. You might say that, here too, it’s all a question of taste and what we define as elegant.

However, it will certainly have beautiful decorations, whether floral or otherwise. What’s more, the meal will be refined, with impeccable service. The crockery and cutlery may also be well looked after.

Another important element is the stationery. First impressions are always important. That’s why the wedding invitation card is so important. If it can be coordinated with the menus and place cards, as well as the colours of the floral decoration, we achieve an aesthetic coherence that can only raise the level of elegance of the wedding.

It is also very likely that for a wedding of this type, you will expect to find special attention for the wedding guests. This may be the case with the type of guest gifts, the presence of small handkerchiefs for the secular ceremony…

That said, you can’t have a chic wedding in Provence without an exceptional venue….

Château la Beaumetane – a unique venue for an elegant wedding

Whether it’s its grounds, its glass roof, its unusual structure, or the many other details that make this venue so unique, Château la Beaumetane is always noted for its elegance.

Its interiors lend themselves extremely well to a chic wedding in Provence. With its high ceilings, mouldings, flooring, rosettes, crystal chandeliers, fireplaces and satin curtains, it’s the perfect setting for an elegant wedding. So much so, in fact, that some of our brides and grooms tell us that the Château stands on its own in terms of decoration! Of course, beautiful floral decorations can only enhance the elegance of your wedding at Château la Beaumetane if you’re looking for a unique venue for an elegant wedding in Provence.