Bridal preparations… it’s a moment I love at the château. In this article, I give you some tips based on the preparations we see at Château la Beaumetane.




Bridal preparations – a once-in-a-lifetime moment


Let’s set the scene very clearly. First of all, it’s not every day that someone gets married. It’s an important act of commitment, with certain consequences for the life of that person and others. It’s also an important and unique moment in a person’s life, which can lead to a state of considerable emotion and stress. This is perfectly normal! So it’s very important that this moment takes place in the most relaxed atmosphere possible, if it’s to be appreciated. If this happens, it can have a real influence on the rest of this unique day.

What’s more, very few of us will be the center of attention of such a large group of people as you might find at a wedding. What’s more, it’s not every day that someone feels they have to look their best in hair and make-up. Nor is it every day that we’ll be photographed hundreds, and more often thousands, of times in the course of a single day.


For all these reasons, bridal preparations remain a unique moment in a person’s life.

How to get it right


At a wedding, it’s virtually guaranteed that we’ll welcome the bride’s preparations. There are many reasons for this.


In general, there are two that are present every time. Firstly, the bridal chamber provides a superb backdrop for the bride’s preparations. Also, the photos of this moment will be very beautiful. I confess I enjoy discovering them every time.


Secondly, opting to get ready at the château means starting this exceptional day for our brides earlier. That way, in the morning, the once-in-a-lifetime day begins.

For many, getting ready at the Château also means arriving in the morning with everything they’ll need for the big day and the day after. They’ll have everything they need in the bridal bedroom if they sleep at the Château.


What’s more, they can enjoy this unique day with the people they choose to have around them. So, sometimes the bride will be surrounded by her mother, her sisters, her witnesses, her friends, sometimes her children. I also have brides, though this is still relatively rare, who choose to prepare only with the professionals at the Château. This allows them to concentrate on themselves and what they’re about to do.


If you’d like to bring a group for your bridal preparations, make it fun 😊


Some brides or their guests decide to wear special bridal team nighties. You could also accompany the preparations with a little music? Some may even dance during the preparations 😊 Last but not least, a bottle of Champagne to start things off on the festive side.


How do you feel about bridal preparations?