Provence wedding venues …. That makes people dream… but what is Provence? We tell you more here.


Wedding venues in Provence? Where are they?


A lot of people talk about Provence, but where is Provence really? Indeed, this name has become so emblematic of beauty, incredible nature, joie de vivre and quality of life that many claim it as their own. But what is it really?


Provence corresponds more or less to the south-east of France. It covers the land between the Mediterranean and the Alps on the south/north axis. Furthermore, it is also bounded to the east by the border with Italy and to the east by the Rhône River. It is therefore a relatively large area. As you can imagine, even if there are characteristics common to the whole area, there are also some specific features.


If you’re not familiar with it, you should also know that there is a region of Provence called Provence Alpes Cotes d’Azur (the PACA region). There are 13 regions in mainland France. There are also 6 French departments in the PACA region, in alphabetical order:

Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04)

Hautes-Alpes (05)

Alpes-Maritimes (06)

Bouches-du-Rhône (13)

Var (83)

Vaucluse (84)


What’s more, I can promise you that you’ll find plenty of Provence wedding venues in each of these departments.

So why are Provence wedding venues so popular?


Once we understand where these wedding venues are located on a map of France, or even the world, we can more easily understand why so many people come to get married in our corner of paradise.


First of all, we have an incredible level of sunshine! Did you know that we apparently have 300 days of sunshine a year in Provence and that Marseille is the sunniest city in France, with an average of nearly 3,000 hours of sunshine a year for its inhabitants? Incredible, isn’t it?


Add to that the warm but bearable temperatures, the divine natural surroundings, the delicious food… and finally a taste for the good life and an infectious joie de vivre, and you have all the ingredients to make Provence an ideal location for a wedding and even a favourite wedding destination.


You will also find different types of Provence wedding venues. From the very bucolic to the very sumptuous.


Initial tips to think about getting married in Provence


I would therefore advise you to think carefully about the type of Provence wedding venues that might be of interest to you. Then check that the venue is easily accessible from where you live and where your guests will be coming from. Finally, get in touch with the venue and see how they can help you make your dream come true… but don’t delay too long, these Provence wedding venues are always booked up early!