The Architectural Inspiration Behind Château la Beaumetane

Château la Beaumetane was built by Edmond Théry, a well-known French economist and statistician. Born in 1854 near the château, Théry was also a prolific journalist. Interestingly, the real story behind the château is that Théry fell in love with a red-bricked mansion while on holiday in Italy. When he returned home, he decided to build a replica as his residence!

Notably, Mr. Théry contributed to famous newspapers like Le Figaro and founded L’Economiste Européen in 1892. Consequently, his work in economic policy, especially on tariffs and bimetallism, left a lasting impact.

Edmond Théry: A Prolific Economist and Journalist from Provence

Furthermore, Théry was deeply involved in the French economic landscape, contributing to major newspapers and founding influential economic organizations. For example, he was a founding member of the Société d’économie politique nationale (S.E.P.N.), which advocated for protective and compensatory tariffs, diverging from the free-trade stance of other economic societies. Additionally, his expertise extended to financial journalism, where he managed financial bulletins for several papers, including L’Humanité.

Portrait of Edmond Théry, at the base of the Château's story

Portrait of Edmond Théry

During World War I, Théry served as a lieutenant-colonel and contributed to economic warfare strategies. He was a Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour and maintained strong political connections, evidenced by notable attendees at his events.

The Legacy left by the story of Château la Beaumetane

Today, Château la Beaumetane stands as a testament to Théry’s legacy. Its elegant design and serene environment continue to captivate visitors. The château is surrounded by the beauty of the Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence vineyards. That remains a symbol of Théry’s contributions to both economics and architecture.

Finally, visiting Château la Beaumetane offers a unique glimpse into the story of Edmond Théry and the rich history of Provence. Whether attending a special event or simply touring the grounds, Château la Beaumetane provides a memorable and enriching experience, steeped in the legacy of a distinguished economist.

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