First and foremost, family and the transmission of know-how from father to son are fundamental pillars for us. This ancestral tradition has built the Château and the family vineyard, Domaine des Oullières, for generations. Recently, we have undertaken the construction of a new accommodation space. We have chosen our partners based on their expertise and values, which are deeply important to us.

Ekilux: An illuminating craftsmanship collaboration based on shared values

The collaboration with Ekilux, a local craftsman specialized in the design of lighting design, became evident. Thanks to their commitment to Lambesc values and their craft heritage, similar to that of our family, a strong bond was formed between our two entities. Their workshop is located about fifty meters from the home of Louis and Andrée Ambrosio, Nathalie’s grandparents, who purchased the Château and founded the family vineyard estate. Our association with Ekilux has helped us to preserve the authenticity of the Château, which reflects the importance we place on tradition, family, and the local community.


Merci à Daniel Pelcat pour cette photo

                                                                                Thanks to Daniel Pelcat for this photo

Located in Provence, Ekilux is a company founded by Sebastien Sauze, the son of Max Sauze. In fact, his aim was to revive the production of aluminum blade luminaires, designed in the late 1960s by his father.

The story of the Sauze family, founders of Ekilux.

For over 60 years, Max Sauze has acquired exceptional mastery in the art of playing with various elements. By using a multitude of materials, he has envisioned, designed, and created a variety of forms. These forms, free from any reference or connotation, are simply beautiful and enigmatic to contemplate, leaving the observer free to explore their imagination. Other forms may be linked to subjects, phrases, expressions, reflections, or wordplay, elevating or mocking them with a touch of poetic playfulness. Thus, Sébastien aims to preserve his father’s excellence and mindset, where the luminaries are equally beautiful whether lit or unlit. For this reason, he chooses to focus his work between art and craftsmanship, emphasizing the relationship with the materials.


Other partners who helped us with this project include the ECL team of electricians and our DeltaBuy interior design team.

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