DeltaBuy for a Large-scale Project

To carry out our major project we decided to call on DeltaBuy. This renowned partner has an unrivalled reputation in the hotel industry, thanks to their expertise and ability to provide tailor-made solutions adapted to our specific needs. Their expertise in high-end interior design, combined with their in-depth knowledge of the market, was decisive in our choice.

A Custom Design: The Expertise Team of DeltaBuy

The design of our accommodation space, a 4-star level establishment, is an essential aspect of providing an exceptional customer experience. That’s why we carefully selected an expert interior design team: DeltaBuy. Their in-depth knowledge of the specific needs of the high-end hotel industry enables them to create elegant, functional and welcoming spaces, in harmony with the Château’s Provençal charm. Their expertise in the choice of materials, fittings and decorative elements has been paramount in ensuring unrivalled comfort and refinement for our customers.



                                                                                       Thanks to Daniel Pelcat for this photo

Under the leadership of Paolo Mariani and Virginie Brondino-Pardigo, DeltaBuy’s expertise has proved invaluable. Their experience in the hospitality industry enables them to provide tailor-made solutions, adapted to each establishment. Thanks to their extensive network of suppliers and in-depth knowledge of the market, DeltaBuy offers efficient purchasing services, optimising costs while maintaining high quality standards. Their contribution was a major factor in the success of this ambitious project.

In fact, the DeltaBuy team has meticulously fine-tuned every detail of the hotel. Each piece of furniture has been carefully selected to offer luxury and comfort to guests. We also wanted to retain the Provençal touch and elegance required to blend in perfectly with the Château. Their thoughtful approach has resulted in a refined and welcoming accommodation space that meets our highest standards.


Other partners who worked with us on this project included lighting designer Ekilux and the ECL team of electricians.