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An exceptional interior thanks to Émilie Maltoff, Eminent Interior Designer

When we renovated our 19th-century stables into accommodation, the interior was a blank canvas, requiring a complete overhaul from scratch. So it was vital to find a renowned interior designer, and we had the excellent idea of calling on Émilie Maltoff, founder of EM Architecture & Design.

Who is Émilie Maltoff ?

First, Émilie explored scenography as a decorating assistant. She then turned to architecture, working in various agencies such as SD Concept and Culture in Architecture. For a decade she worked brilliantly with Julie Gauthron at Exquise Esquisse.

Today, Émilie runs her own company, EM Architecture & Design. Émilie has a passion for materials, colours and volumes, and designs spaces that optimise every nook and cranny while respecting constraints. Her exceptional talent and dedication to excellence make her one of the best interior designers.


Emilie, an essential partner for an exceptional interior


Indeed, Émilie played an invaluable role in our project at the Château. Thanks to her artistic talent and interior design expertise, Émilie succeeded in transforming this historic site into a modern, welcoming space, while preserving its old-world charm. Her creative and innovative approach made the most of the space and materials. The result is a functional and aesthetically pleasing space that perfectly meets the needs of its occupants.



From concept to completion, Emilie meticulously oversaw every stage of the project, ensuring that every detail was carefully considered. Through her commitment to excellence, Emilie has created a remarkable accommodation space, combining luxury and history.

Finally, find out about other valuable partners involved in this project, such as DeltaBuy, Sylvio Moizo (ECL) and Ekilux.


Expertise of Excellence: DeltaBuy, a Key Partner for our New Accommodation Space

DeltaBuy for a Large-scale Project

To carry out our major project we decided to call on DeltaBuy. This renowned partner has an unrivalled reputation in the hotel industry, thanks to their expertise and ability to provide tailor-made solutions adapted to our specific needs. Their expertise in high-end interior design, combined with their in-depth knowledge of the market, was decisive in our choice.

A Custom Design: The Expertise Team of DeltaBuy

The design of our accommodation space, a 4-star level establishment, is an essential aspect of providing an exceptional customer experience. That’s why we carefully selected an expert interior design team: DeltaBuy. Their in-depth knowledge of the specific needs of the high-end hotel industry enables them to create elegant, functional and welcoming spaces, in harmony with the Château’s Provençal charm. Their expertise in the choice of materials, fittings and decorative elements has been paramount in ensuring unrivalled comfort and refinement for our customers.



                                                                                       Thanks to Daniel Pelcat for this photo

Under the leadership of Paolo Mariani and Virginie Brondino-Pardigo, DeltaBuy’s expertise has proved invaluable. Their experience in the hospitality industry enables them to provide tailor-made solutions, adapted to each establishment. Thanks to their extensive network of suppliers and in-depth knowledge of the market, DeltaBuy offers efficient purchasing services, optimising costs while maintaining high quality standards. Their contribution was a major factor in the success of this ambitious project.

In fact, the DeltaBuy team has meticulously fine-tuned every detail of the hotel. Each piece of furniture has been carefully selected to offer luxury and comfort to guests. We also wanted to retain the Provençal touch and elegance required to blend in perfectly with the Château. Their thoughtful approach has resulted in a refined and welcoming accommodation space that meets our highest standards.


Other partners who worked with us on this project included lighting designer Ekilux and the ECL team of electricians.


Ekilux: A Collaboration between Craftsmanship, Values, and Family Tradition

First and foremost, family and the transmission of know-how from father to son are fundamental pillars for us. This ancestral tradition has built the Château and the family vineyard, Domaine des Oullières, for generations. Recently, we have undertaken the construction of a new accommodation space. We have chosen our partners based on their expertise and values, which are deeply important to us.

Ekilux: An illuminating craftsmanship collaboration based on shared values

The collaboration with Ekilux, a local craftsman specialized in the design of lighting design, became evident. Thanks to their commitment to Lambesc values and their craft heritage, similar to that of our family, a strong bond was formed between our two entities. Their workshop is located about fifty meters from the home of Louis and Andrée Ambrosio, Nathalie’s grandparents, who purchased the Château and founded the family vineyard estate. Our association with Ekilux has helped us to preserve the authenticity of the Château, which reflects the importance we place on tradition, family, and the local community.


Merci à Daniel Pelcat pour cette photo

                                                                                Thanks to Daniel Pelcat for this photo

Located in Provence, Ekilux is a company founded by Sebastien Sauze, the son of Max Sauze. In fact, his aim was to revive the production of aluminum blade luminaires, designed in the late 1960s by his father.

The story of the Sauze family, founders of Ekilux.

For over 60 years, Max Sauze has acquired exceptional mastery in the art of playing with various elements. By using a multitude of materials, he has envisioned, designed, and created a variety of forms. These forms, free from any reference or connotation, are simply beautiful and enigmatic to contemplate, leaving the observer free to explore their imagination. Other forms may be linked to subjects, phrases, expressions, reflections, or wordplay, elevating or mocking them with a touch of poetic playfulness. Thus, Sébastien aims to preserve his father’s excellence and mindset, where the luminaries are equally beautiful whether lit or unlit. For this reason, he chooses to focus his work between art and craftsmanship, emphasizing the relationship with the materials.


Other partners who helped us with this project include the ECL team of electricians and our DeltaBuy interior design team.

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Sylvio Moizo and his team at ECL: a trusted partner

Our collaboration with Sylvio Moizo and his team at ECL began long before we met. He prepared the Château for our move in 2013. Since then, he has become our regular electrician for every renovation, project and adjustment. Sylvio is a trustworthy partner who is always looking to offer quick and efficient solutions. His constant presence is an essential asset in ensuring the smooth electrical running of our establishment.


Sylvio Moizo and his ECL team: an essential partner for the electrification of the Château and the accommodation area

Under the direction of Sylvio Moizo, the ECL team of electricians in Lambesc played a crucial role in fitting out the accommodation at Château La Beaumetane. Their expertise in electrical installations ensures that the top-of-the-range equipment operates safely and efficiently. They’re in-depth knowledge of safety standards and know-how ensure a reliable and energy-efficient electrical system. Thanks to their valuable contribution, our guests enjoy a pleasant, comfortable and carefree stay, where every detail is taken care of with professionalism.


                                                                                      Thanks to Daniel Pelcat for this photo


An Essential Partner: Sylvio Moizo and his Team, Key to Success

Sylvio and his team have been absolutely indispensable throughout this project, and their importance will only increase in the future. Their dedication, expertise and hard work were crucial in overcoming the challenges and achieving the objectives set. Moreover, their ability to collaborate effectively, demonstrate creativity and adapt to changing circumstances was crucial to the success of the project. Thanks to their involvement, the Château La Beaumetane accommodation space is now living up to our aspirations.

Over the years, Sylvio has shown remarkable determination by continually honing his skills. He has deepened his knowledge, developing his expertise. Thanks to his willingness to progress, he has played a key role in the success of the project. His commitment to improvement will continue into the future, and so will our partnership.

Here are some of the other partners who worked with us on this project: Ekilux, the lighting designer, and DeltaBuy, the interior design team.